The Best Exercises for Flat Stomach

Most people focus on training their abs so as to look sexy. None of these people realize the importance of abs in our day to day lives. Abdominal muscles are very important in our day to day activities. Most yoga instructors know this, and hence the reason why yoga focuses in building abdominal strength.

Exercise for flat stomach
Exercise for flat stomach

Importance of Stomach Muscles

1. Posture
Your abs serves as the attachment between your pelvis and spine and help your back maintain good posture. Incorrect posture leads to abdominal pains. Weak abs are one of the reasons why most people experience back pains. To avoid the inconvenience and expenses associated with back pains, it is important that you train your abs and stomach muscles.

2. Balance and stability

Abdominal muscles make it possible to walk, sit or stand. Without abdominal strength, you will experience difficulties when performing these important activities.

Since your body’s center of gravity is located roughly below your belly, your abs play a very important role in ensuring that your body is balanced.

3. Managing everyday activities

Abdominal muscles are the once which manage everyday activities like sitting, standing, bending, walking, twisting and so on. To be able to live a normal life easily, you have to ensure that you train your stomach muscles.

Now that you know some importance of stomach muscles, lets look at some exercise to help you strengthen your stomach muscles. These excises dont require any special equipment and cone be done at home. Abs should be trained like any other muscle. 3 times a week and 8-12 repetitions.


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3 Exercises for a Flat Stomach

1. Standing side crunch
The standing side crunch exercise targets the leg and oblique muscles.

-Stand on your left leg with arms extended out to the side at a shoulder length.

-Lift your right leg knee a few inches off the floor and to the side.

-Place your right hand behind your head with the elbow bend to the side at a shoulder level.

-Do 15 reps of and switch sides follow the procedure and repeat.

2. Lunge and Twist
The Lunge and twist exercise targets your glutes, abs and legs.

-Stand with your feet together and lunge back with your left leg.

-Bend your knee at 9o degrees and reach your left hand to the right foot.

-Stand up and lift your left knee in front of you to hip height and bring your fists to your chest, bend your elbows out to the side as you t-wist left.

-Twist to the center, lunge your left leg and repeat.

-Do 15 reps while switching sides.

3. Spiderman plank crunch
This exercise lets you work out your entire core muscles. You work out the front and the back of your abdominal area at the same time.

-Start in the traditional plank position with your fore arms and body straight on the ground.

-Bring your right knee forward towards the right elbow.

-Return to the original plank position.

-Repeat with your left knee.

-Do a total of ten reps.

Don’t overdo the exercises if you dont want to end up with exhausted or injured. You can couple these exercises with a 15 minutes walk daily to help burn those extra calories.


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