Health Insurance for Musicians – A Cutting edge Austin Plan

Austin likes the self-promoted but well-deserved popularity as live music capital of the planet. It’s an original idea. Besides New Orleans, Austin may be the only town in the UNITED STATES to supply such complete health care to its local musicians. What greater way than Health Alliance for Austin Musicians can there be showing our gratitude? HAAM makes people lives greater.

health insurance for musicians
health insurance for musicians

HAAM was made in 2005 as due to a partnership between local hospitals and the SIMS basis with support from the town and numerous Austin companies. They recognized the need that existed locally of musicians in the town for affordable health care. A lot more than 8,000 working musicians reside in Austin and many of them are uninsured.

This group of musicians and their supporters chose to offer themselves to that help, In the place of wait for the federal or state to develop an idea to help the countless Americans who don’t have health insurance.Money for the corporation is supplied by private and company donations and various grants. Every October mobilizes musicians, local companies and city officials to boost money for the business the HAAM advantage morning.

In 2006 they increased more than $180,000 in 2007, and more than $107,000. Other activities through the year, such as Austin audio backer Nancy Coplin’s BIG SIX-O birthday celebration recently, contribute their profits to HAAM aswell. Obviously, interested supporters could also donate money anytime through the HAAM.HAAM’s 2007 annual report shows not exactly 4,900 medical, dental and psychological health visits which gained a 94% approval rating from member-musicians.

This success results from the one-of-a-kind cooperation among the Seton Group of hospital services, medications, Hospitals [clinic appointments and expert referrals], St. People should reside in Travis County and have the ability to show they make money playing music, to get the advantages from this program. For several services, members must pay a little co-pay; various other services are supplied for free.

His death stunned the Austin group and several friends and family decided to produce the SIMS basis to provide counseling, psychiatric and addiction recovery support to musicians who needed it. The building blocks provided greater than 2,300 such periods in 2007. Virtually all people are extremely positive about the services it offers and the work HAAM does.

Man Forsyth is definitely an Austin artist that has developed a significant name through the duration of Texas.’It makes me truly happy for younger musicians who are developing and for parents who might have a young child that’s very skilled and it’s frightening to think about them becoming an artist.