A Change to a Healthy Life Style helped This 2 Persons A Lot

Anna’s Weight Loss Success Story

Anna lived with her husband and children and had never really been overweight until she had Devon (5) and Ariel (2). She had gained a lot of weight through out her pregnancies and just could not seem to drop it.

Anna had gained over 50 pounds and had kept in on since Ariel was born two years ago. At one point she says” I could not keep up with my kids, my legs hurt, my back hurt and I was just too tired to play with them” and she say’s her kids were her motivation. Anna started out with small goals and after a year of meeting each small success the pounds flew off. Here is her weight loss success story. Go and see a website mayche.com with many Inspirational Weight Loss Success Stories for similar journeys as her.


weight loss success stories of 2 women
weight loss success stories of 2 women


Anna was 185 pounds at the start of her journey. Her five foot five frame was under constant stress from the added weight and it was effecting her quality of life. It can be harder to lose weight when you have never had too before. Anna said “ when you are thin most of your life you can easily pick up some really bad eating habits because you are never forced to pay attention to what you are eating.”

She said she always ate tons of junk food and decided that it was time to lose weight because she wanted her children to adopt “good” eating habits that would sustain them through out their lifetimes. Through dedication and hyper vigilance she was able to drop a whopping 50 pounds of fat from her body by simply cutting out junk food from her diet.

Anna reports “feeling better than ever inside and out” and “I finally have control over my own life, I can run and play with my kids and not feel ashamed of my body at the community pool”.

Lisa’s Weight Loss Success Story

Lisa was overweight most of her adult life and battled with weight related illnesses like diabetes(diabetes in the united states) she was only 27 years old and weighed in at almost 300 lbs. Her health was chock full of issues, she considered surgery but was afraid of the side effects so she took the bull by the horns and started her weight loss journey:

“ For me weight loss wasn’t so much about what I was eating as it was how much I was eating . I never really considered how much food I was consuming until I started my food journal. Taking that one simple step of writing down everything I ate was like a slap in the face. It was my wake up call and of course the fact that I was getting zero exercise was a big factor. I started out with reducing how much I ate than I added simple walking exercise. Keeping it simple for me is what worked. I adopted a no stress approach to losing the pounds. I only stepped on a scale once a month. I walked everywhere I could and I just reduced the amount of food I ate at every meal. After two years of my lifestyle changes I have lost ½ my body weight and I am down to 150lbs.”

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